General questions

To find the games of the day simply click "make picks". Every match in the day will be shown and you have to choose winner from each game. After picking up winning teams press confirm at the bottom of the picks and your picks will be saved. You can not edit your picks after that one so think carefully! After confirmation you are able to discuss about the games on the comment section.

Your rank is based on your winning percent.

150 games , 80 wins and 70 losses = 80W / 150G X 100 = 53,3Win%
450 games, 133 wins and 317 losses = 133W / 450G X 100 = 29,55Win%

100-90% Impossible...??
89-80% Very good, one of the bests here
79-60% Doing good, you can still improve
59-40% Average but goes well
39-20% Novice
19-0% ........ The only way is up

Specific Questions

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